PSN Producer Focuses on "Indie"

Rusty Buchert, senior producer at SCEA’s Santa Monica Studio, is apparently the head honcho to talk about all the games that will be coming out on the PlayStation Network. His sole focus is PSN games for the PlayStation 3.

In discussing what types of games that Sony is looking to aim for, Buchert claims they want to offer games that provide the players with fun and unique experiences. Their sole focus has been searching for games through the Indie scene from the get go. In general, their aim is to think outside the traditional development box of normal puzzles, and tetris-y games that can be bought on something released era’s ago.

"We started searching for games like this from the outset and we were searching through the Indie Scene right out the gate. In general the Scene thinks outside the traditional development box."

He further states the Sony can bring a lot of aid and resources to the newer dev teams, most noted are the dev kits. For small or new teams this alone can be a real challenge to get. He also goes on to state that veteran programmers can be "lent out" so to speak, to aid with the projects so that they have a optimized PS3-centric model.

With the flexibility of working on PSN titles, he claims there are less risks compared to Blu-ray titles. They can experiment more, and truly get many different type of titles out while maintaning the sole focus of being particular.

"Part of the trick is that we are being particular about what we pick up. There are a lot of games to sort through. When we find a gem we start pursuing it. Some work out, some don’t."

For those of you who don’t know the term "Indie," it can best be described as freedom of expression in unique ways. The term is most commonly used in music to define a genre of artists that play outside the norm of Rap, R&B, Hip Hop, etc. An interesting irony considering that if they play outside the norm, you are using a term to define them when you simply can’t.

Either way, in games, the Indie Scene has the same broad based feeling. The Indie games, he describes, are definitely different in their own way, every time.

"It is a mix. We have teams that come to us and we also are always on the watch for new teams with unique ideas. Before there was an official thatgamecompany, the team came to us with several ideas and wanted to work on PSN."

He ends his harmonic plan by stating that the aim for the store can best be summed up as an addition of many factors:

"A mix of indie with traditional titles with a unique approach and some experimental projects are the way to go."

An interesting mix, to create a unique set of wonderful and truly breath taking games for the PSN is quite possibly the best thing. This variety will surely help add to the PSN’s game base and definitely attract many people to areas of gaming they wouldn’t have seen themselves in, and truly open the minds of the masses.

Source: PS3 Fanboy