PSP-2000 launch bundles detailed

The PSP-2000 launch bundles hit stores today! The Daxter bundle is currently available at some retailers and will be coming to many others as things move forward.

Inside the box, you’ll see that the bundled UMDs do not come inside game cases. Stamped with the “Not for Resale” tag, the games are wrapped in cardboard sleeves.

Sony released information about a redesigned version of the PlayStation Portable at E3 2007, known as the PSP Slim & Lite. The new PSP is designed to be 33% lighter and 19% slimmer than the original PSP system. These are collectively referred to as PSP-2000’s–a completely different numbering scheme for anyone who doesn’t know.

PSPFanboy has more pictures of this bundle. Hit the link to see more.

Source: PSP Fanboy