PSP with a camera, GPS, PSN and Home!

SCEA’s senior marketing manger, John Koller, spoke with MTV News today about the future of the PSP.

The portable Sony device could soon tout GPS, a camera, and even have functionality with PlayStation Network titles. While the comments about the new PSP camera and GPS were described as being “tweaked” for the US market, high hopes are still being held for this Holiday season. When asked about Home, Koller said, "Intuitively, if you take the PSP with you, you would want to take some of Home with you," which might be the first ringing endorsement for the remote play functionality of the PlayStation 3.

While this is not set in stone, he did go on to say that overcoming lag-delay is thier big issure right now. So bet your bottom dollar Home will take a front seat Leipzig this year with comments like these and the closed beta coming to an end.

Although there was no TV tuner announced, gamers could see original PlayStation Network games as early as 2008.

During the interview it was also revealed that the slim version of the PSP almost had a second analog nub, but the Sony office axed that idea relatively quickly. In all actuality, Koller said that the PSP has a multitude of hardware revisions ready for implementation, but no further comments were given.

Lastly, Koller spoke on the RSS functionality of the new slim PSP. This is perfect for those of us that might want to chat about a certain game related topic, the most current event, or even surf your favorite PlayStation news site (wink! wink!).

All in all, it seems like the future of the PSP is a bright one. Stick with PSU for future updates and more information on the PSP and PSP slim.