PSP2 may feature same power as original Xbox

Sony’s attention on its handheld market doesn’t stop at the new PSP Go; the company is already working on the PSP2. According to a report by, the PSP2 will be powered by PowerVR technology from Imagination Technologies.

The new PSP2 will feature a quad core iteration of the low-power SGX543MP chip, codenamed Hydra, according to the report from The chip is said to be close to the GPU in the iPhone 3GS, and is a generational leap over older PowerVR MBX processors.

The SGX543MP is a multicore processor, with up to 16 cores available. Early reports indicate that Sony has opted for a quad configuration in the PSP2, offering 133 million polygons per second, and 4Gpixels/sec fillrate. Technical jargon aside, if these reports are accurate, the PSP2 will match the original Xbox.

We may see even more power in the PSP2 as Imagination Technologies describes the chip as a GP-GPU, giving it the ability to operate as both CPU and graphics processor. This could mean Sony is pushing to have all of the PSP2’s processing on a single chip, possibly saving power and increasing graphics.

For now we’ll keep this as a rumor, but we certainly look forward to hearing more about the PSP2.