PSU Banter: Do you care about cover athletes on your sports game?

Sports fans are almost as loyal to their favorite team as fanboys are to their favorite console. New York Yankees fans think their team can always show the Boston Red Sox a thing or two around home plate, while Tottenham fans are always protective of their North London team. So when a sports game like FIFA Soccer 12 comes out with cover athletes like Wayne Rooney from Manchester United, Landon Donovan of the LA Galaxy, and Rafael Márquez of the New York Red Bulls, we can’t help but wonder if fans of Arsenal or Liverpool feel slighted.

Our question to you, faithful PSU readers, in our weekend banter is simple: Do you care about cover athletes? You can pick any franchise, any year, and simply tell us if you think the developers got the cover athlete(s) right or wrong. There’s always the controversial Madden Curse cover athletes, and even college champs on NCAA games.

And, by the way, stop back on Monday for our complete review of FIFA Soccer 12. I’ll be playing it all weekend and will dissect all the changes and additions to let you know if this is the ultimate soccer experience.