PSU Theme of the Week: The best of Metal Gear Solid

In honor of the world wide release of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots this week, we thought we’d provide a list of the best Metal Gear Solid themes designed by the PlayStation 3 community.

The easiest way to download these themes is to visit our website via the PS3 browser and download the file directly to your PS3 hard drive. Otherwise, download the theme to your desktop and install the theme to your PS3 via a SD card or flash drive. For those of you who need instructions on how to download and install a theme, read our tutorial here.

If Metal Gear Solid is not your style, then choose from over a 1200 PS3 themes in our gallery.

Metal Gear Solid 4 Themes:

Author: Dagobert
Details: 1 Wallpaper, custom icons

Author: Oliie
Details: 5 Wallpapers, custom icons

Author: M0dus
Details: 13 Wallpapers, custom icons, sounds

Author: Lightweaponx
Details: 2 Wallpapers, custom icons

Author: Anthonyboss
Details: 3 Wallpapers, custom icons, sounds

Enjoy the themes and be sure to pick up Metal Gear Solid 4 this Thursday!