PSU’s Most Anticipated PS3 Exclusives of 2008

With the release of our Top 10 Multiplatformers of 2008, it’s only expected we cover the exclusives. For almost an entire year we had to put up with the ridiculous, "PS3 has no games," insults. We were told over and over again that the PS3 was failing and that the game selection was beyond poor. Fast-forward to the last quarter of 2007 and look ahead to the entire 2008 list of games and just start chuckling now if you haven’t already. It’s no shock to PlayStation loyalists that the PS3 is gearing up for an incredible slate of releases for 2008. There are more than a handful of titles that are all possible must-own games. We’ve gone through a list of these and have compiled them into the top 10 and even included some runner-ups for you. The bottom 5 were easy to scale; however, the top 5 seemed impossible to legitimately order. We’ll let you decide.

Runners Up

SOCOM: Confrontation

If you could pick one third-person shooter to be considered the flagship for the PlayStation 3, I think you’d be hard pressed to name anything outside of the SOCOM franchise. After a disappointing showing with SOCOM 3 and the direction they took with a much larger region-style of maps, it’s no surprise that this next installment will feature a lot of fast-paced close quarter combat.

SOCOM: Confrontation promises to bring you at least 5 new maps with the inclusion of the much loved “Crossroads” from SOCOM II: US Navy Seals. One of the coolest new features is the additions being made to the clan section of the title. No longer will all units have to look alike. The ability to change up your camouflage design to suit your clan and give it individuality is going to be placed as a feature in the game. With the title being online-only, it’s good to know that they’re going to include great new innovations like this to the title. The environment itself is going to roughly be 95% destructible, something no other SOCOM has come even close to replicating, as well as the ability to hear the sounds of bullet shells kicked on the ground or ricocheting off the walls.

With 32-player online battles, an advanced communications system, and up to seven different game modes per map, it’s no surprise that this title will probably have fans raving shortly after release. Much like Warhawk, this title will be purchasable through the PlayStation Network or bundled with a headset in stores. SOCOM: Confrontation looks to hit shelves sometime in June.

Tekken 6

The name Tekken is almost synonymous with the name PlayStation. So it’s no surprise that Tekken 6 makes our list of most anticipated titles, even though as a runner-up. Tekken has been a long-standing series backed by the PS brand name and developed by Namco. This installment is released not only on the PS3, but in arcades as well.

Tekken is believed to have the largest roster of characters to ever grace the game. They’ve announced a lineup of 40 playable characters, as well as the return of most of the Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection cast. The title will carry many different stages including several multi-tiered stages as well. With every animation frame being redone for each character, you’ll notice a flurry of fresh animations to witness. Tekken 6 will also feature an online multiplayer mode which will undoubtedly please many supporters of the series. According to Bandai, they’ve also introduced 5 new characters never before seen in a Tekken game before as well.

Finally with the implementation of a solid online multiplayer option, Tekken 6 is coming together to be a must own title for fight fans and possibly even the average gamer. With an unannounced date of release some time in 2008, we’ll obviously have to wait a bit for it. However, this is shaping up to be a title that is worth waiting for.

MotorStorm 2

MotorStorm 2 will be the sequel to the hit-title MotorStorm. MotorStorm was developed by Evolution Studios and then published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Sony finally came forward and announced the title after they went ahead and acquired Evolution Studios themselves. With the acquisition of MotorStorm’s developing studio, it’s going to be set in stone that you’ll never see this game outside of the Sony brand, which is all good from our perspective.

Not much info has been released on MotorStorm 2 as of yet, but we can tell you what has been. So far what we know is that the GUI for MS2 has been completely reinvented. On top of that, they’ve upgraded the Havok 4 engine to more than likely enhance the visuals of the gameplay itself, which can only be good in the end.

Even with the minute amount of details we have about MotorStorm 2, it almost feels beyond safe to say that the game is going to be phenomenal. With what they already have to work with and to build from, you can’t expect anything less than an incredible gaming experience. With the way Sony treats its first party titles and the history they have, we’re pretty sure to guarantee that this title will be one of the very many to own in 2008.

Top Ten

The Getaway 3

Since its announcement at E3 ‘05, The Getaway has been a mysterious title, only revealing fractions of gameplay in small but impressive tech demos.

Based on what we saw at GDC last year, The Getaway looks remarkable, utilizing the PS3 architecture to present detailed graphics and realistic simulations for city traffic and human artificial intelligence. In terms of gameplay, we can only guess that it follows something similar to the previous Getaway titles, providing police shoot outs, coarse language, grand theft auto, and a mafia related story.

In the demo we saw, the developers were able to take a city center and fill it with hundreds of citizens, each with there own unique animations and A.I. routes. Even with traffic, people, and other ambient effects the game still seemed to run smooth. According to the developers, the tech demo was used to show the usefulness of the PS3’s SPUs and how they can be utilized to perform multiple advanced tasks, like city simulation.

If Sony can revamp the series and put just as much time and effort into this title like they are doing with such titles as Killzone 2, then you could be looking at the next best 3rd person sandbox title outside of GTA.


Developed by Sucker Punch Productions and first announced at E3 2007, Infamous is perhaps one of the most intriguing forthcoming PlayStation 3 releases thus far. Little is known about the game, though what we can gather, it takes the form of a third-person action/adventure title in the hugely popular Sandbox mold, allowing the player to affect the outcome of the game based on his or her decisions throughout.

Infamous boosts an impressive array of destructive powers, with the main protagonist able to wield abilities in telekinesis and electricity, as well as take flight and perform ‘super jumps’. Additionally (and perhaps unsurprisingly) the main character also appears to possess incredible, super-human strength, as witnessed in the official trailer for the game, where he effortlessly picked up multiple vehicles before hurling them at his foes.

Quite how or why you are able to wield these powers is unknown at this point, and as mentioned, there isn’t a great deal of information to throw around; however, as a PS3 exclusive, we can’t help but feel compelled to get our hands on this Crackdown-inspired action romp as soon as possible. Definitely one to watch out for.


If there is one title that you should be watching carefully for, it’s WarDevil. Since details are scarce, many people have let this title slip under their radar, but WarDevil promises to go beyond the conventions of a normal video game.

The game uses a sophisticated engine called RTE1080 (real time engine). The WarDevil RTE1080 Engine is designed to run at 1080p resolutions and 60fps that create a visual style that surpasses the look and feel of some pre-rendered FMV sequences.

When it comes to the storyline, players will assume the role of the mysterious WarDevil, traveling through what appears to be a post-apocalyptic world. The game designers said to expect levels in such places as ruined wastelands, desert strongholds, and military bases.

Combining 3rd person action/adventure with a compelling sci-fi storyline and unprecedented graphics, Wardevil looks to be a promising title for the PlayStation 3.


There has always been a fog surrounding this title with the constant speculation of a release and consistent delays. With a March 19th expected release date, it’s finally time to get ready. Haze is a PS3 exclusive that is being designed by Free Radical Design and published through famed publisher, Ubisoft. Unlike Free Radical’s lighthearted title, TimeSplitters, Haze is expected to have a more serious and possible political driven tone to the storyline.

The story revolves around an elite soldier named, Shane Carpenter. Shane is now over 20 years old and had a very small chance of getting to that point. His mother died at The World Games when he was just 9 years old. He’s been a user of nectar for awhile now, which is a government created substance that is available to both civilians and soldiers. The version submitted to soldiers, however, seem more potent as it enhances their capabilities, such as sight. It’s rumored that the nectar supplied to the populous also creates some smoke and mirrors from what’s really going on around them. You’ll control Carpenter for 3 days straight and take part in events that are described to have changed Shane’s life completely.

One of best parts about Haze is the fact that Free Radical designed the game with the self-named engine, Haze Engine. This allowed them more free reign control over what they can feature within the game itself. It’s going to cover real time lighting and has a high dynamic range. Haze also plans to have a 4-player co-op and 4-player online co-op as well for release. Multiplayer will hold up to 16 players for battle and will provide narrative-based missions as an online feature as well. All of this combined with a slew of weapons and what seems like a creatively unique storyline make Haze a title to own here in the near future.

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue

A staple of the PlayStation brand since its inception in 1998, Polyphony Digital’s highly successful Gran Turismo series makes its next-generation debut with Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, due out this spring on Blu-ray and the PlayStation Network. As the precursor to the upcoming Gran Turismo 5 (due out in 2009), Prologue offers gamers a sumptuous teaser of things to come, including 37 vehicles, 10 tracks and online play for up to 16 different players.

Car aficionados will be pleased to learn of the revamped interior interface, which includes a speedometer and odometer, along with a plethora of real-time lighting effects, such as reflective rear-view and wing mirrors. Of course, one of the most celebrated aspects of the series has been its attempt to simulate an authentic driving experience, and Prologue looks set to continue the trend by allowing users to select the ‘Professional’ mode, offering a realistic interface. Inexperienced players, however, may opt for the ‘Standard’ option, which offers a more forgiving set-up.

Featuring gorgeous 1080p high definition visuals, a user-friendly menu interface (titled ‘My Page’) as well as the all-new Gran Turismo TV (allowing you to view various video clips, including selected episodes of the BBC motoring show, Top Gear), Gran Turismo 5: Prologue is sure to wet the appetites of fans around the globe when it cruises into retail stores and PSN this March.

Top 5 (Impossible to Order)

White Knight Chronicles

From the developers that brought you Dark Cloud and Rogue Galaxy comes a new and unique RPG title called, White Knight Chronicles. The story is about a young man who comes across an ancient artifact giving him the ability to turn into the legendary White Knight. Using this power, players will need to rid the world of evil and save a young princess.

According to reports, players will be able to fully customize their character from the start of the game, using the character create mode. Also, full voice-overs will be featured for all the characters, most likely in English and Japanese. The Battle System will provide the ability to fight in real time as well as interchange between allies to command each individually. Also, before or during battle, players can use what is called the “Battle Preparation” menu to issue orders to the other seven AI controlled team members.

Level 5 plans to make White Knight Chronicles a 50-60 hour game, giving players a full RPG experience. Bundle that with beautiful graphics, classic JRPG storytelling, and amazing gameplay, PlayStation 3 gamers will have at least one great RPG to look forward to this year.

Killzone 2

Sony fans once dubbed Killzone as the “Halo Killer”, boy were we all wrong. The first installment of this franchise was a little disappointing; however, Killzone 2 developed by Guerilla Games is shaping up to be anything but disappointing. With high expectations and overflowing anticipation, Killzone 2 is expected to deliver everything its predecessor was and then some.

The story is rumored to take place on the Helghast home planet of Helghan. Despite the two previous titles taking place on the ISA colony of Vekta, videos released of the title show continual air-raids, as well as ground invasion of the foreign planet. Despite what looked like anti-aircraft fire, the ISA managed to land around the Helghast capital to finally bring the fight to them. It’s still unknown whether this is the beginning of the end of the Helghast populous; fortunately, we won’t have to wait too long to find out.

Killzone 2 has shown nothing but promise from gameplay trailers and media releases alike. With unrivaled graphics and what looks to be the same for the gameplay, PS3 owners seem to be getting their monies worth and wait worth of entertainment. Killzone 2 is almost within your reach.

Resistance 2

Insomniac has had a busy time developing since the launch of the PS3. They’ve brought us great titles like Resistance: Fall of Man and Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction. Now they’re gearing up to release a sequel to their first must-own title of the PlayStation 3 with Resistance 2. This title has had much anticipation behind it as its predecessor has a strong following of FPS groupies.

This exciting sequel has the beloved Nathan Hale traveling overseas to the United States of America. The game is sure to feature a dark war never before seen by human eyes. Resistance 2 will also feature immense 60-man online battles that are squadron based. On top of that, you’ll see 8-man online co-op, as well as 2 single-player campaigns. It is also believed you’ll spend a short time in Iceland. It’s time for you to help man rise to victory.

With the announcement and details released for Resistance 2, we can’t help ourselves but be overfilled with anticipation. The first game in this series was the first true must-own game for the PlayStation 3 console and if that is any indication on the greatness that will follow in this title then we’re in for a whole new ballgame. Hopefully, we can get this in our grubby little hands in no time.


Announced a year ago around this time, LittleBigPlanet has snowballed into massive anticipation. The game is brought to you by Media Molecule who has never released a major console title before. This may have caused a light concern early on, but LBP has shown nothing but sheer promise. In a period of gaming where physics is expected to bring it to new levels, it seems to have reached its first benchmark with the future release of Little Big Planet.

In LBP, players will control small stitched up characters known as, “Sackboy.” The name definitely befits the image. These little guys can move, jump, and grab objects placed throughout their environment. LBP revolves around a complete physic based concept. Users will have to guide their Sackboy through various obstacles and challenges in order to complete the levels. Users will also be able to plunge through the levels co-operatively as well. On top of everything mentioned already, this game promises to feature a user-driven world both online and offline.

Players worldwide will be able to create their own environments with mechanisms like pulleys, cogs, and other various objects. The materials will be easily accessible through a “Pop-It” menu that will feature different elements like sponge, wood, and felt. Each type of surface will hold true to its real-life counterpart. Wood will be sturdy, while you may see your Sackboy cushion down into the sponge material.

2007 and 2008 are both years that will have had an encyclopedia worth of releases in the First Person Shooter and Role-Playing Game format. For gamers looking for a fresh game with a unique idea and change of pace perspective or for gamers who loved the game of Lemmings, then Little Big Planet seems to have been created custom for you.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Hideo Kojima returns with the fourth (and as some would have you believe, final) installment in the critically acclaimed Metal Gear Solid series, exclusive to Sony PlayStation 3. Set in the year 2014, approximately five years after the events of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty’s ‘Tanker Incident’, Guns of the Patriots once again casts players in the shoes of battle-hardened solider, Solid Snake, as he infiltrates a Middle-Eastern battleground whilst on the trail of the notorious Liquid Ocelot.

Building on the extolled blend of intense combat and stealth-based gameplay, Metal Gear Solid 4 features a number of returning elements from previous titles, including a fully 3D manipulative camera as well as both third and first person perspectives. However, Kojima and his team have gone to great lengths to not only preserve the traditional Metal Gear experience, but also expand upon it by tweaking existing features and introducing completely new ones.

Examples of this include the Camouflage system, which now allows Snake to blend in with his environment in a matter of seconds, obscuring him from enemy view, along with an entirely new over-the-shoulder view, facilitating the player’s maneuverability, allowing them to move around corners with greater ease. Snake is also aided in his mission by a small drone unit, the Metal Gear MK II, which can be used for multiple tasks, including communication, reconnaissance, and engaging the enemy. Other new additions include the ability to interrogate Snake’s enemies for information and supplies, the ability to “side” with rebel forces by aiding them in combat, and the all-new “Solid Eye”, which functions similar to the binoculars from previous games.

Snake’s latest entry is arguably one of the most impressive looking titles to grace Sony’s next-generation console, with its war-torn streets and dilapidated buildings boosting a visceral, gritty realism to them unlike anything else currently on the market. This combined with the series cinematic real-time cut-scenes; intricate plot line and stellar voice contributions have cemented Metal Gear Solid 4 as the most highly anticipated PS3 to date.