PSVR has sold out at Amazon UK until after Christmas

Amazon U.K. has confirmed that it has sold out of PlayStation VR stock until after Christmas, with fresh inventory likely not arriving until early 2017.

PSVR sold out at Amazon UK

The retail giant posted an update on its product page for PSVR, confirming it has depleted all of its initial allocation of Sony’s virtual reality headset. As such, if you want to try and get your hands on PSVR before Christmas, you’re going to have to try elsewhere, although at this point we imagine it’ll be difficult to secure a headset in time for the holiday season.

We have sold through our allocation of PSVR and will not have any more stock before Christmas. Orders will be fulfilled in the order they are placed as soon as we receive further stock. This is likely to be early 2017,” said Amazon.

Presumably this means that Sony’s headset is selling well at retail, although the format holder has not yet confirmed just how many units it has shifted. However, the company did indicate during its recent financial report that the device is performing well; expect some figures to drop at its next quarterly earnings call. 

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PSVR was released on October 13, 2016 and is currently priced at $399/£349, which is the same cost as the upcoming PlayStation Pro console. Sony previously pledged to have around 50 games out by the end of the year, and earlier this year revealed that around 230 developers were working on titles for the headset. 

Sony originally announced PSVR during GDC 2014, where the device carried the working title of Project Morpheus. Be sure to read our PSVR hardware review to find out if Sony’s new device is working picking up.