PSW reports that Crysis is coming to the PS3

You’re probably dead tired of this dragged out rumor by now but it’s still spreading like wildfire. Animal control would have been called a dozen times by now over this dead horse being beaten, but alas, the horse continues to take punishment.

PSW, a United Kingdom based magazine, has announced within its pages that Crysis will indeed see the light of day on the PlayStation 3. We’ve included below not only an image of this page, but the quote from it as well.

"First up, we have Crysis. Now it’s no secret that Crysis is coming to PS3 this year. The excitable, hard-worked coders over at Crytek have said as much in many interviews – they’ve even produced a new, multi-platform engine in readiness – but the real juice here is that it won’t be a straight conversion of the PC game. We understand PS3 Crysis will be an almost 50% new game, with many of the original games staff taken off PC Crysis months before release to begin to work on Crysis 2 and a port to PS3 that will include aspects of the sequel – but a new structure, environments, weapons and enemies will feature on PS3. This should be one of the year’s biggest console shooters."

We’ve contacted Crytek in order to find out further information in regards to this rumor and we’ll be updating this article once they get back to us. We’re hopeful that they’ll shed some light on yet another Crysis to PS3 rumor.