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Psygnosis Co-Founder And UK Games Industry Legend Ian Hetherington Has Passed Away

Ian Hetherington, the co-founder of WipEout 2097 developer Psygnosis, has sadly passed away following a short illness.

Hetherington was one of the most influential video game figures in the UK, and his studio notably brought the original WipEout to the PlayStation as a key launch title. In addition, Psygnosis itself became a subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment in 1993, where it assisted in the development of the company’s new 32-bit console.

Departing in 1998, Hetherington went on to form Evolution Studios, who produced the PS3-era racing franchise MotorStorm, but left in 2007 and went on to join Realtime Worlds and Midoki.

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Even before the days of the PSOne however, Hetherington was involved in the industry with Imagine Software, the Liverpool-based studio that produced a number of games for the ZX Spectrum and VIC-20 in the early 1980s.

Fellow UK industry giant Andy Payne provided the following message to GI.biz regarding Hetherington’s passing:

Ian was always very kind to me over the years and we did some good business with Psygnosis back in the day on terms that Ian ensured helped us out when we were starting at The Producers.

Latterly, Ian was a hugely passionate supporter of the BGI and National Videogames Museum in Sheffield and often gave me his very own sage advice, which always proved to be spot on. He was one of the titans of the UK video games industry and an active investor in new games companies. We will all miss him.

[Source – GI.biz]