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PUBG PS4 Update 1.70 Adds Revamped Miramar Map And Huge List Of Bug Fixes

PUBG Corporation has announced the full list of PUBG update 1.70 patch notes, which is a major PS4 and Xbox One update for the battle royale title that includes a visually-enhanced Miramar map and multiple bug fixes.

Read up on PUBG 1.70 below.

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Miramar World Update

Miramar holds a special place in our hearts; launched alongside PUBG 1.0 in December 2017 we’re thrilled to show you the improvements made for Season 12.

Throughout the map, we’ve focused on improving the overall visual quality (lighting especially) while also keeping a close eye on improving player interactions with the environment to improve your gameplay experience. In comparison to the previous Miramar, rulesets have been changed based on balance updates.

Expect an overall smoother experience, with reduced object clutter, less troublesome coastlines, adjusted cover across the map, and more.

While points of interest will still feel very familiar, we’ve introduced key changes to improve core gameplay and keep things feeling fresh. Keep an eye out and let us know what you think!

Bug Fixes


Fixed the issue where bots weren’t able to attack players on motorcycles.

Fixed an issue with bot DBNO bleed speed.

Fixed the issue where the bots won’t attack players for more than ten seconds.

Fixed the issue where a different message is displayed after accepting “Continue with this team”.

Fixed the issue where the camera’s up/down rotation angle is limited in some vehicles.

Fixed the issue where the player perspective view does not return to default settings after riding Emergency Pickup.

Fixed the issue where players could throw an item through a window without breaking it.

Fixed the issue where the Helmet hiding feature is turned on as default.

Fixed the issue of the Match report lists showing non squad members when match is in progress.

Fixed the issue of a DBNO player on a Dirt bike remaining on the bike, still able to ride.

Fixed the issue where the microphone is activated on death even when it isn’t activated in Custom match.

Fixed the issue where the character doesn’t hold their weapon as they get out of the vehicle in certain situations.

Fixed the issue where a destroyed Motor Glider could cause the driver to be de-synced appear in a different location after landing.

Fixed the issue where the Bluezone was blocking the backpack and Emergency Pickup interaction.

Fixed the issue where players were unable to eject from Emergency Pickup.


Fixed a Simplified Chinese translation error in the Pajama Pass Challenge Mission.

Fixed an issue where the nickname of the opponent team was displayed in the player selection list when reporting a squad member from the squad management menu during TDM.

Fixed an issue where a player’s own nickname wasn’t highlighted in yellow on the leaderboards.

Fixed an issue on Miramar where the plane path UI and exiting the plane wouldn’t work correctly in a few specific situations.

Aligned the text under Settings Audio Master Volume.

Fixed the issue of the Equip UI being randomly displayed in red when riding in vehicles.

Fixed the issue where squad-mates online status wasn’t reflected in real-time on the social page.

Fixed the issue of missing comma in the G-Coin prices in the purchase pop-up.

Fixed the issue where the “Back to custom session” message is displayed when creating a Custom match and then accessing Social screen.

Fixed the issue where the season mission image displays the wrong weapon image.

Fixed an issue where the result screen was not displayed upon death when switching from the replay screen to the highlight and then returning to the lobby and playing the game again.

Fixed the issue where players are able to send an invitation to players in match making situations and form a team.

Fixed the issue where the color of the survival mastery reward LV.370 nameplate is partially displayed in a wrong color.

Fixed the issue where the friends orders are wrongly displayed in the Social screen.

Fixed the issue of online friends not being updated in real-time on the Social widget.

Fixed the issue where certain menus were not displayed in Social widget as intended.

Fixed the issue where the played time with friends were displayed in Social menu.

Fixed the issue where some English description were incorrect in some Medals.

Fixed the issue where the translation for Play Zone and Red Zone wasn’t applied on the Kill feed.

Fixed the issue where players who have already been added, show up in the ‘previous list’ on certain accounts.

Fixed an issue where the background color of some parts of the Pajama Pass banner was not applied in the Ranked lobby.

Fixed an issue where the volume of the receipt pop-up window is too high when purchasing an item on the store preview page.

Fixed an issue where the notification window message was abnormally displayed when the BP boost item expires.

Skin & Item

Fixed an issue with the left arm graphics being displaying strangely, depending on the graphic quality, after equipping the Crash Test Handwraps.

Fixed the clipping issue occurring after equipping the LV.1 Vest followed by the Mad’s Jumpsuit on a female character.

Fixed the clipping issue when Spike Sweetness Jacket and PCS2 Unseen Survivor Masks are equipped at the same time.

Fixed the clipping issue when Haristyle 24 and most of the hoodies are equipped together on a male character

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