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Publisher Geeks-Line Announces Kickstarter For PlayStation 2 Tetralogy Book

PlayStation 2 Tetralogy Book

In some news that is sure to prick up the ears of PlayStation aficionados the world over, French publisher Geeks-Line has launched a Kickstarter to fund its next console-centric offering, this time around the behemoth that is PlayStation 2.

The follow-up to its PlayStation Anthology, (which you can find our review of here) the PlayStation Tetralogy looks to offer a comprehensive and in-depth overview of the console that still stands tall atop of the all-time best-selling list.

Commensurate with its impact and amount of games, this offering spans four volumes and covers the console’s entire run, from its hardware innards – alongside collector editions and peripherals – to a mammoth set of reviews covering the console’s over 4,420-strong library of games.

Scheduled to be released to backers in Q4 2024, the PlayStation 2 tetralogy follows on from similar Geeks-Line books covering the likes of Nintendo 64, PC Engine TG-16, and Game Boy, and dwarves all three’s combined page total by delivering over 1,000 pages of PlayStation goodness.

Kickstarter backers can also avail of exclusive slipcase should they choose to back all four volumes together, or they can adopt a piecemeal approach should they choose by just selecting whichever they fancy.

Stay tuned for our full review of PlayStation 2 Tetralogy in the future.