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Puzzle-Platformer A Tale Of Paper Is Making The Journey To PS5 Later This Year

A Tale of Paper is making the transition to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC in Q3/Q4 2021, Digerati and Open House Games have announced.

The game originally launched back in October 2020 for the PS4, and follows Line, a magical character constructed of paper who utilise origami to change its shape. With these powers, players can transform into the likes of a frog, rocket, bird and more as they embark on an emotional journey.

Each form boasts its own pros and cons, and along the way players will need to solve a variety of puzzles and overcome challenges as they explore a beautifully-crafted world packed with hidden collectibles. Furthermore, players can also unlock prequel chapters, new characters, challenges and abilities after the main campaign.

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A Tale of Paper is coming to PS5 in Q3/Q4 2021. Watch the new trailer below.