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Quantum Error Will Not Include Mircotransactions Or Platform Exclusive Content, “Is A Full Complete Game”

TeamKill Media has confirmed that it’s upcoming horror-shooter Quantum Error will not have any platform exclusive content, nor will it include microtransactions and “is a full complete game.”

The comment comes in response to a user online who seems to have taken the Twitter account for Quantum Error’s lack of a tag for Xbox to mean there will be PlayStation exclusive content.

TeamKill Media clarified this in a quote tweet, to confirm that not only will it not have platform exclusive content, it also won’t have microtransactions, “no nothing” of the sort.

With Quantum Error having always been a multiplatform title, this isn’t surprising news, though it is good to see in the spirit of experience parity across all platforms.

Something that TeamKill Media has already shown is important to it, because if it didn’t care about players having an equal experience across all platforms, it wouldn’t have cancelled the PS4 version of Quantum Error.

While this confirmation is definitely happy news in a gaming industry plagued with titles that do their very best to ask for your money every chance they can, even after you’ve paid a $70 entry price to their digital storefronts, it’s not the most exciting news from TeamKill Media.

What’s much more exciting is the fact that tomorrow, August 16, we’ll get a full story trailer for Quantum Error, and the release date finally announced.

Source – [TeamKillMedia]