Race Driver: GRID announced

Codemasters has revealed the official title for the recently announced Race Driver One, confirming the title will now be known as Race Driver: GRID.

“GRID is all about the race.” said Gavin Raeburn, Executive Producer at Codemasters Studios.

“The next iteration of our DiRT engine combined with a decade of experience in developing driving games enables us to put the player at the centre of the action like never before. Damage, packed grids, intelligent opposition and unprecedented race day atmosphere will combine to deliver an experience like no other.

Ralph Fulton, Chief Game Designer added, “GRID focuses on everything that happens between the start grid and the chequered flag: the drama, the rivalries, the aggression and the crashes. This is not a game about collecting cars or spending all of your time in the front-end tuning suspension settings or designing liveries. We want to make racing exciting again.”

The game will feature a selection of official tracks from Europe, special racing events in major American cities including San Fransisco and Washington DC, in addition to Japanese-inspired night racing for eastern scenarios.

Race Driver: GRID is due out on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 in mid-2008. Check out the first ever screenshots on the screenshot page and stay tuned for more news!