Racial Diversity Gaming Hour – Episode 7: TwitchPlaysPokemon, Watch_Dogs, E3 2014


Ernest Lin returns for (most of) the seventh episode of RDGH! Join host Glenn "The Commissioner" Gordon, KGB Garri Bagdasarov, Multiple-Nicknames-But-Let’s-Go-With-Chille Ben Shillabeer-Hall, and the Prodigal Son Ernest Lin for an interesting and somewhat nostalgic chat about TwitchPlaysPokemon, the online gaming phenomenon that has been taking over gaming news for the past few weeks. Also, what happened to Ubisoft’s new IP, Watch_Dogs, since its delay? In addition, E3 is coming up, and though it’s still a few months away there’s always a good time to talk about what might be there and what might be in store for gamers in the very near future.

If you have any suggestions or hopes for E3, leave them in the comments at and/or tweet them with the hashtag #RDGH! The Commissioner will read your replies next week on episode 8.

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The Racial Diversity Gaming Hour is a PSU production that takes on topics from any and all gaming platforms to bring some loving to our multi-platform fans needing another podcast fix. We’re all gamers at heart, so lets spread some gaming harmony and leave the fanboy rage at the door!