Rainbow Six Siege DLC pays tribute to deceased fan


Ubisoft has snuck in a touching tribute to a deceased Rainbow Six Siege player within the game’s upcoming Operation Blood Orchid DLC.

Eagle-eyed gamers noticed the tribute in one of the new maps, based on a Theme Pack, inside the arcades. One of the machine displays a series of player stats alongside the message ‘keep playing forever.’

While initially believed this pertained to a random player, it turns out that Ubisoft implemented it specifically for online user ‘BostonBearJaw’ (real name Zach), who sadly passed away aged 24 in March 2017. 

Zach was a regular player of Rainbow Six Siege and was consistently ranked diamond online, even taking part in the tournament scene. He regularly teamed up with a group of friends on a nightly basis, often taking part in custom 5v5 games when things got too crowded.  


Following Zach’s tragic passing, one of his friends contacted Rainbow Six Siege’s community developer, Craig Robinson, asking if there was any way Ubisoft could honor Zach in a future update. While not promising anything at the time, Robinson was ultimately successful in making the request a reality.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Blood Orchid is due for release on August 29, 2017 for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.