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Rainbow Six Siege Splinter Cell Operator Teased In Datamine

Ubisoft could be planning a Rainbow Six Siege operator based on its acclaimed but sadly neglected stealth franchise, Splinter Cell.

Splinter Cell Operator For Rainbow Six Siege?

That’s at least according to Rainbow Six Siege dataminer, Zer0Byte_, who has unearthed details on c codenames for Year 5 operators. Nestled among these is Scout – ECH (Echelon/Third Echelon) for the Year 3 Season 3 Operator, which implies the character could be part of Splinter Cell’s NSA organisation.

Folk have observed that this doesn’t match up with Ubisoft’s Year 5 roadmap for Rainbow Six Siege, which labels the Season 3 operator ‘Classified’ and features the in-game Nighthaven logo.

However, Rainbow Six Siege’s product director, Roy Del Valle, offered the following explanation to the above during a chat with Windows Central a few months ago:

As of late, the last two weeks or something, we tweaked some things on the narrative that you’ll discover, and you’ll be very happy with, that does not necessarily strictly link to Nighthaven.

We’ll keep you posted.