Rayman Legends no longer Wii U exclusive, coming to PS3 in September

Rayman Origins fans, rejoice – Ubisoft has announced that the Wii U-exclusive sequel, Rayman Legends, is no longer a Wii U exclusive.

While a delay will force gamers of all platforms to wait for September, Rayman Legends will now launch simultaneously on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and (of course) Wii U. How Ubisoft will port the Wii U Gamepad-specific controls and features to PS3 remains to be seen, but we’re confident in the studio’s multi-platform expertise.

Rayman Legends sees the return of the eponymous hero, dopey friend Globox, and the Teensies to a vividly rendered fantasy world. New game modes, features, and characters are expected to liven the platforming experience. It shouldn’t be too hard to please consumers: Rayman Origins is recognized by some critics as this generation’s greatest platformer, and what we’ve seen of its sequel looks promising.

For more on Rayman Legends, keep it locked to PSU. We couldn’t be more pleased to hear that Rayman is returning to his brand of origin.

Via press release