RE: Operation Raccoon City scans & info surface

Fan site Ultimate Resident Evil’s got its mitts on a boatload of fresh Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City details via the OPM France, including the first scans of the horror-shooter in action.

Check out a translation of the info below, courtesy of Rely on Horror.

-As previously stated, you’ll be able to change the course of Resident Evil history by eliminating key characters. One mission has you tasked with bumping off Leon S. Kennedy.
-Players can use zombies as shields while moving
-Operation Raccoon City features a cover system where you’ll be able to duck behind objects such as stationary vehicles
-Apparently, the game will convey a sense of horror that’s been missing from recent games
-Resident Evil 2 is listed as being the base inspiration for the game
-The series’ old school control system has been ditched in favour of a modern approach similar to today’s third-person shooters
-The game will offer a ‘dark look’ at the doomed city, and features both new and familiar locations
-The demo that OPM France was shown culminated in a battle with Mr. X.
-In a revelation that won’t shock too many fans, the USS team in the game was inspired by Hunk, aka “Mr. Death/The 4th Survivor” who featured as a hidden playable character in Resident Evil 2. The team itself is based on Rockfort Island, a location featured in Resident Evil Code: Veronica.
-Among the classic foes confirmed to return in include Hunters and Lickers, who will be able to cut down any zombies in their path as they go on the rampage.
-Operation Raccoon City offers an entirely different perspective on the pre-RE4 storyline
-Players can shoot out the lights to avoid being detected by zombies.
-Environments will featured destructible objects

Check out the scans below. Be sure to click each image for the full size.