Rebellion makes jump to next-gen platforms

Developer Rebellion has announced that the company is developing its first title for next-generation platforms in the form of a sequel to Shellshock, due out on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

"Next year we’ll have our first next-gen project out – Shellshock 2 with Eidos," said Jason Kingsley, CEO of Rebellion, during an interview with

“It’s very much a mature product, it’s a bit like Jacob’s Ladder or Apocalypse Now in movie terms. It’s troubling – deliberately so – it’s meant to be challenging the nature of war, the horror and why people do these horrific things to each other.”

"It’ll be our first next-gen title, which is slightly nervewracking, but it’s looking absolutely lovely," he added.

The firm had previously worked extensively with Sony’s PlayStation Portable, developing a title of 12 titles for the handheld, including the 2007 releases The Simpsons Game, Star Wars Battlefront and Alien Vs Predator. 

In addition to Shellshock, the company also hopes to take advantage of its own original IP content, such as Rogue Trooper, Sniper Elite as well as assets in its 2000AD comic book business.

“This year we’ve done a lot of other people’s licenses but next year we’ll have much more of a balance of licenses and some original product. The year after it’s very likely we’ll have a slew of original, home-brand IPs," explained Kingsley.
"For example, the Rogue Trooper rights for next-gen have come back to us so we’re looking at and planning what we can do with that brand, because it was successful and we’re very proud of it, so we’d like to do more with it."