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Red Dead Redemption 4K/60 FPS On PC Offers An Idea Of What A RDR Remaster Could Look Like

Digital Foundry has given us a look at what a possible Red Dead Redemption Remaster could look like, after putting together a new video that showcases the Rockstar Games title running at 4K/60 FPS on PC.

Check it out below.

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Red Dead Redemption was released on PS3 and Xbox 360 back in May 2010, and to date has never seen a proper remaster. However, publisher Take-Two has heavily indicated that a remaster is on the way, as it revealed that it plans to release ‘two iterations of previously-released titles’ in the near future, one of which is heavily speculated to be RDR.

Set during the decline of the American frontier in 1911, Red Dead Redemption follows ex-outlaw John Marston as he embarks on a quest to bring three members of his former gang to justice, after his wife and son are taken hostage by the government.