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Red Dead Redemption Uses FSR 2, Has Better Image Quality Than Xbox Series X

The wizards at Digital Foundry have put Red Dead Redemption on PS4 under the microscope, and while there’s no 60 FPS to speak of as previously reported, there are a number of advantages to be found over the Xbox Series X version of the Wild West romp.

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As detailed by the DF team, image quality in the PS4 version of Red Dead Redemption is much clearer when compared to the Xbox versions. The report states that even with the Xbox Series X running at 2160p with 2x MSAA, there’s noticeable jagged edges while the PS4 version boasts “sharp and solid” geometric element and foliage.

Furthermore, shadow quality is still messy at a distance on Xbox Series X, whereas when running on PS5 backwards compatibility, RDR sees resolution boosted with “much higher resolution shadow maps in every scenario.”

[Source – Digital Foundry via Eurogamer]