Red Faction III announced for PS3

It’s not usually too rare for game publishers to announce new titles or discuss them through press releases or gaming events. That didn’t happen for Red Faction III. THQ has been moving and shaking their soon to be resurrected Red Faction series through conference calls alone.

Red Faction hasn’t seen the light of day since April of 2003 when Red Faction II was released for the PC. The first notion of the franchise came via a conference call with investors of the company, this was then followed up by a conference call through management, which was ultimately and finally discussed through another conference call involving the publisher.

THQ CEO Brian Farrell has once again brought the title up in yet another conference call today and finally referred to it as, “Red Faction III,” for the first time through this adventure. The title is expected to bring back the interactive environments with the new powers of the PS3, 360, and PC.

There was no release date given specifically, however, they did let it be known that they are shooting for a release over the new fiscal year which ranges from April 2008 to March 2009. Stay tuned with PSU as we’ll keep you posted on the next conference call.