Relive Super Mario in new Unreal Tournament 3 mod

Relive 2D side scrolling shoot em ups in the latest Unreal Tournament 3 mod, pitting players against each other in a familiar Super Mario Bros environment.

Epic Games forum member FrontAXL has posted a list of details about this latest mod which you can find below;

Comments: I tried to keep the look and feel true to the original NES game design. A combination of blocky platforms, 2d and 3d decorations make up the scenery. I’ve also included sounds from the original game in the PC version. Jump up at the question mark blocks for a fun surprise.

Known issues:
Bots rarely grab the UDamage without a translocator.(affects deathmatch)
Bots can pick up the Berserk but can’t get back out of that area.
In deathmatch, bots prefer to use the lower level because of the rocket launchers.
When gibbed, player’s camera will sometimes fall out of level

To Do List:
Tweak botpathing
Re-evaluate item placement
Add a few blocking volumes to resolve camera issues
Various texture issues
Add more sounds to PC version
Find decent stock sounds for PS3 version

According to a few forum posters, the PS3 version is working, although the Mario sounds and music are not up and running as of yet. FrontAXL has stated that he should have everything working in the PS3 version in the final build of the mod, which will be released soon. Here is a video of the Super Mario Bros. mod running on the PC: