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Resident Evil 2 Remake: Game development ‘is on track’

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A Capcom artist says that the Resident Evil 2 Remake is on track, despite reports that it's in development hell.

Responding to a new video that appeared on YouTube suggesting that the HD Remake of Resident Evil 2 was delayed, Capcom artist RikkTheGaijin responded by writing “It's not in development hell. Everything is on track.”

resident evil 2 remake
Resident Evil 2 Remake is still on.

Resident Evil 2 Remake release date in 2018?

The Resident Evil Remake 2 release date has been hinted at numerous times, though a firm date has yet to be given. Fans were expecting to see the game appear the Tokyo Game Show this year but it didn't materialize. Then there was a Resident Evil Remake rumor that it would show at the PlayStation Experience 2017. That also didn't happen.

Other news and hearsay surrounding the game suggest that the remake will be third-person, and the backgrounds from the original game will be used, but obviously glossed up.

The game was officially revealed back in 2015, but since then Capcom has been quiet. What's interesting is that Resident Evil 2 hits its 20th anniversary in January 2018. Could Capcom be waiting to unleash the new Resident Evil 2 Remake then? It's possible.

Source: Reddit

  • Xtasy

    Claire looked best in Darkside Chronicles, which also had that nostalgia. She looks kinda weird in Revelations 2, even though it was a great game. Can’t wait for RE2 Remake!

    • Monte Raid

      same goes with Gill , she look way different in Revelation 1 than RE3

      • Xtasy


      • Heavenly_King

        Jill looks the best in RE5

        • Monte Raid


      • theundead

        Nothing was wrong with Jill in revelations

    • theundead

      She didn’t look weird and did you expect her to still look Young still?

  • Scottie

    2 years go by and not a sniff at REmake 2 OR FF7R… Gaming events have been and gone and nothing. I’ve stopped watching event livestreams because I’m always left disappointed when they show ziltch on these titles.

    My own fault really for having a high expectation…Great they are getting remade but stop announcing games so damn early!

    • abercrombieco2

      the biggest problem with these events , and i’ll admit i do this as well , is every one tries wayyy to hard predict what will be shown off , and when it doesn’t get shown off people have a sense of disappointment for something that was never planed to happen? people just need to watch those shows and enjoy them for what they are , stop trying to see into the future. its like setting your self up for disappointment on purpose.

      • Scottie

        Yeah i agree, we do set up ourselves for disappointment. It’s difficult when you know these games have been in development for a couple of years now and we’ve heard nothing.

        2015 was a big year. They announced FF7R and REmake 2 was announced a few months later. Then they showed FF7R gameplay trailer at PSX. And then, radio silence….Think I’m still on a come down from that haha.

        • abercrombieco2

          tbh im at the point where i’d rather they just work on the games , seeing an update once and a while is nice and all , but imo all i really need is ” hey we are still working on the game”. i can understand the frustration , i want to see re2 remake just as much as you do , but there isn’t really much that me or you can do about that until they show it off , not really worth getting disappointed in.

  • Ryley Blackwood

    I heard they want to reveal Resident Evil 8 before they officially reveal RE2make. They probably think that if they showed the RE2make first, it would take attention/hype away from RE8’s announcement, people would be too busy buzzing over RE2.

    Heres what I think is going to happen; they announce RE8 first at e3 2018, probably some vague story stuff, a short gameplay teaser, stuff to get people excited ect, probably releasing sometime around 2020. PSX 2017, or possibly slightly before, Capcom will show a full reveal of RE2 (RE8 will have had a chance to build hype by now, and people already know RE2’s story so they can show more) including gameplay, character models, updated environments, everything they need to make the crowd go wild. Probably releasing in 2019.

    If 2018 comes around and I hit the nail on the head, be sure to come back and like this comment.

  • Ryley Blackwood

    Forget my old comment. I did some searching, and I can not find anything to verify that this comment is/was legitimate. I’m calling horse pucky on this.