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Resident Evil 4 Remake May Have Received A Brief Nod In New PlayStation Trailer

Capcom hasn’t announced a Resident Evil 4 remake yet, but it’s been heavily rumored as being in development. However, Sony’s latest PlayStation advert appears to contain a strong hint towards the game, as spotted by eagle-eyed gamers.

The ad was broadcast during the beginning of the PlayStation Showcase, and contains a number of Easter eggs for various titles including Crash Bandicoot, Hogwarts Legacy, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and more.

However, a quick look at the scene where the team exists the elevator, on bottom right-hand side of the screen, there’s the unmistakable Los Illuminados logo on one of the columns. This isn’t a lookalike; it’s definitely the same logo as the cult used in Resident Evil 4.

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While this may simply be a case of throwing in as many references as possible to PlayStation titles, it is interesting considering the rumors we’ve heard about Resident Evil 4 remake.