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Resident Evil 7 demo – 8 awesomely freaky things you need to check out

Capcom’s Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour has been doing the rounds for a couple of days, and even now gamers are still mining the survival horror teaser for hidden secrets and new endings. 

It’s clear however, that Beginning Hour isn’t quite ready to give up its biggest nuggets anytime soon; a quick search on YouTube and social media reveals that folk are still stumped by certain objects, and figuring out if there’s anyway to actually escape the grisly cottage.

PSU is still digging around in the demo for hidden extras, but for now, we thought we’d highlight five of the best secrets that we’ve found so far. 

Check them out below and find out how to get all the endings (or at least, the ones we’ve found) in the game here.

1) Ghost Girl

Capcom has seemingly injected a bit of a supernatural edge into Resi 7’s spooky teaser, with the ghostly figure of a young girl appearing at several places throughout the demo. Featuring an uncanny resemblance to the hair-raising youngster from The Ring, this ghostly female appears and vanishes in mere seconds, although it’s more than enough to have you reaching for the underwear drawer. Look out for her outside the cottage (to the left of the entrance), in the entrance corridor on the ceiling, just outside the window next to the microwave, on the stairs to the attic, down the ladder in the secret area, and finally, in the small cupboard where the voodoo dolls are hanging in the regular timeline. 

2) Umbrella is watching you

Once in the attic, you’ll hear a phone ringing. Follow the sound and enter the room on the right wall; here, you’ll find a phone on a desk, complete with a black and white photograph that you can examine. On the photo is a snapshot of a helicopter, complete with the Umbrella logo on its side. Is the nefarious pharmaceutical company involved in Resident Evil 7 somehow? 

3) Axe

While it’s true there’s no proper combat in the Resi 7 demo, you can get your hands on a weapon in the shape of a rudimentary axe. This is done by first watching the videotape, and getting to the kitchen section. Here, look to the right side of the microwave, crouch down, and you’ll see an item on the floor; grab it, and you’ll discover it’s a lockpick that can then be used on the locked drawer behind you. 

Open it up and exit the video footage via the menu. Finally, go back into the kitchen in the present day and you’ll find the drawer has miraculously opened, letting you grab the axe from within. Sadly, there’s no an awful lot you can do with it. You can swing it about by hitting R2, or perform a two-handed strike by holding L2 and then hitting R2. If you fancy smashing something up, then head up the stairs and you can break the boxes apart. The mannequin in the phone room in the attic can also be broken, although there’s nothing to be gained from doing so. The freaky thing is, you can’t destroy any of the other mannequins, or anything else, for that matter!

4) Photograph of a madman 

In the area where you wake up, you’ll see a fireplace with a photograph of a couple on it. If you scrutinize the photo further, you’ll see that one of the individuals in the image is a middle-aged chap sporting a beard and glasses. Now, remember the crazy hillbilly who knocks you out cold whenever the demo ends? Does he look familiar? Yep, it’s the same as the bloke in the photo. Chances are, whoever he is, he’s the owner of the house you’re trapped in, and as he says, wants you to become part of “the family.” Gulp. 

5) Dummy finger

This mysterious and bizarre object has, at the time of writing, got all the Resi community well and truly stumped. Simply put, no one knows exactly what to do with this object, which is found in a blood-drained drawer near the main staircase. Examining it does yield something interesting however, as the section that would normally be attached to one’s hand is shaped like the end of a key. We’ve tried using this on the locked door in the main hall to no avail, and have even attempted to ‘use’ it on the ubiquitous mannequins you come across upstairs. Quite what the finger does remains a mystery, but you’re welcome to keep experimenting with it. Then again, it might just be Capcom screwing with us and the item actually does bugger all. 

6) No piano lessons for you

Once you wake up after starting the demo, look over to the fall wall (on the opposite side to the fireplace) and you’ll see a fine piano just begging to be tinkered with. However, upon going over to it and hitting X, the lid will suddenly close shut…by itself! So much for lightening the mood a bit, eh? 

7) Blood-stained message

Again, this can be found in the starting room of the demo. As you wake up, you’ll spot a message that reads, “I shall dash them against the stones” on the coffee table in the middle of the room. Okay, so someone in this house is obviously one beer short of a full crate. But that’s not all. View the videotape through to its conclusions (don’t skip out in the menu), and you’ll notice that the note has taken it upon itself to reposition right on the table with the VCR. Not only that, but someone has tinkered with it so it now reads, “I shall dash YOU against the stones.” Creepy, eh? 

8) Hell’s kitchen

Head to the kitchen and go over to the microwave near the fridge. Press x to open it, and you’ll be greeted with a grisly surprise; freshly roasted raven. This is also available to interact with in the VHS scene, with the contents being the same. Similarly, the fridge is stocked full of putrefying foods complete with slippery maggots. Clearly, the residents of this gnarly gaff haven’t bothered to take a leaf out of Gordon Ramsay’s book.