Resident Evil 7 demo guide – how to solve the dummy finger murder mystery

Capcom has packed the Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour demo with a wealth of new content in light of the new Midnight update, offering a definitive conclusion to the spooky teaser, plus a handful of other goodies. Chief among these is a final solution to the enigmatic Resident Evil 7 dummy finger item, which you can use in conjunction with the celluloid objective to solve the mysterious murder puzzle hinted at in the Twilight update.

If you want to learn how to unlock the new endings and grab the handgun, then see our earlier Resident Evil 7 demo walkthrough. For our latest article, we’re going to show you how to solve the murder mystery and unlock a free gift from Capcom at its conclusion. Make sure you download the Resident Evil 7 demo update before starting. 

Resident Evil 7 demo guide – how to solve the dummy finger mystery


Resident Evil 7 dummy finger points to five murders

This is probably the longest time you’ll spend on the Resident Evil 7 demo, as it’s a pretty big puzzle and requires numerous trips around the house and plenty of inventory manipulation. Follow our steps below to solve the puzzle.

Step 1 – Start Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour new, so you wake up in the living room. Immediately unlock the hidden room by pulling the switch in the fireplace, grab the fuse inside, and insert it into the fuse box on the wall. 

Step 2 – Exit the living room and go all the way to where the backdoor exit is, and grab the chain cutters from amidst the animal corpses. Use them on the cabinet behind you to grab the VHS tape. Take this back to the living room and watch the Sewer Gator footage on the TV, and grab the hidden lock pick in the kitchen and use it on the locked drawer. Exit the VHS segment and grab the Backdoor Key in the usual manner, and take it to the door in question; insert the key but do NOT open the door. 

Step 3 – Grab the Axe from the drawer in the kitchen. Head upstairs into the attic and summon the stairs. Go up them and into the room past the phone and obtain the Basement Key. Grab the handgun ammo under the bed and smash the box wrapped in yellow tape with the axe to acquire some extra ammo. Next, grab the Dummy Hand behind the TVs and head back downstairs.


Step 4 – Open the drawer in the main hallway to grab the infamous Dummy Finger. Next, open the mould-covered door and head into the bloodstained bathroom. Here, pinch the ammo in the drawer and the medicine cabinet then head back into the hall, taking the handgun ammo from the high self on your way. Open the basement with the key you obtained earlier and grab the handgun ammo on the steps on the way down.

Step 5 – Once you are downstairs, take the lock pick in the left-hand corner of the room and then continue on into the room with the hanging body bags. Take the Valve Handle from the table and immediately head out as quickly as possible (after Jack Baker temporarily blocks your passage out) before the Molded creature can damage you. Try kicking one of the body bags to stun the enemy to buy you some extra time. Exit the basement completely and head back upstairs into the hallway above.

Step 6 – Enter the bathroom again and use the Valve Handle on the slot provided near the toilet to allow you to flush it and take the handgun from within. Venture back into the basement and run into the back area among the shelves behind where you got the Valve Handle. Here, take the Attic Window Key from the shelf, taking care to avoid the Molded once again, and exit the basement again.

Step 7 – Take the blank notebook from the drawer in the hallway near the bathroom entrance and head back into the attic. You can now start the murder mystery puzzle by reading the bloodstained message on the wall near where you found the Dummy Hand. 

Solving the murder mystery 

Step 8 – Go downstairs and stand by the pile of rubble below the clock on the first floor. Open your inventory, select the Dummy Hand, and examine it. Next, point the finger at the aforementioned rubble for the first puzzle. Next, head into the attic and examine the bright light near the barricaded door at the end of the corridor to trigger the next creepy laugh.

Step 9 – Go down into the basement and point the Dummy Hand at the body on the gurney, at the back of the room where the bodies are hanging from the ceiling. 

Step 10 – Head back upstairs and stand in front of the picture of the woman with the sack over her head, located on the stairway that leads into the attic. Swipe your axe at it with L2 to trigger the next part of the mystery. 

Step 11 – Go back into the attic room with the locked window. Here, point at the top right-hand corner of the room, specifically at the wires covering the ceiling area. As with the other mysteries, you’ll know you have the right place when you hear a specific sound, in this case indicating someone being hanged. 

Step 12 – Walk into the small room with the hanging voodoo dolls and point the Dummy Hand at the boarded-up door there. Next go back into the corridor and look at the blackened mirror on the table directly opposite the entrance to the doll room and do a 180 turn. This will trigger the next part of the mystery.


Step 13 – Go into the kitchen and open the pot containing the bugs. Next, watch the VHS segment again and make sure you open the fridge, the microwave, and the pot. Also, pick up the lock pick and open the drawer (the one that would contain the axe) and open the one next to it too. After Andre disappears and you are able to proceed further into the house, open the dummy finger drawer in the hallway and head into the attic and look at the headphones on the table there.

Step 14 – You’ll need to encounter the ghostly woman during the VHS segment, so make sure you search for her in all available spawn points. Let the VHS segment end without quitting and then go into the basement once it’s finished. 

Step 15 – Entering the back room, start crouching and looking at the small doll until you are viewing the object with your back turned to the doll on the shelf. You should hear a giggle, indicating you have done it correctly. Next, go back into the kitchen and point at the rotten food contained inside the pot you opened earlier. 

Step 16 – Head back into the attic and go to the door there that has remained locked throughout the demo. There should now be five bloody handprints there if you have solved all the murders correctly. You can then go inside and claim your prize.  Congratulations!

Note that there have been reports that the demo is possibly bugged, with certain events not being triggered for players. However, a user on Reddit has confirmed he has tried the above method numerous times and on a separate PS4 and it worked perfectly. Chances are you may need to play around with the order of things until it works for you, or reset the demo.