Resident Evil 7 demo walkthrough – how to unlock the handgun and new endings

Capcom has issued the final update for the Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour demo, offering a wealth of new content including at least two new endings, extra puzzles, and plus an extra weapon to get your hands on.

The Midnight update is now available to download for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and PlayStation VR, and follows on from the initial demo release in June and the subsequent Twilight update. However, unlike the previous incarnations of the teaser, this final update offers a definitive conclusion to Beginning Hour—if you meet certain requirements, that is. 

How to solve the dummy finger mystery

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with the new Resident Evil 7 demo content, so read on to find out all the latest details.

Resident Evil 7 demo walkthrough 

How to obtain the handgun 

Getting the handgun requires you to explore a new area of the Baker house, which is through the mold-covered door on the first floor. Go through and head down the corridor, and use the Basement Key on the broken gate to enter the basement area (the key is found in the attic; see our earlier guide), and go down. Venture forward through this spooky area until you come to a room with hanging body bags; grab the Valve Handle from the table, and avoid the Molded creature that attacks you. Jack Baker will bar your exit temporarily, so avoid the monster and then go back to the exit and kick the door down when prompted. Escape the basement and return upstairs. 

Finally, go back down the corridor and enter the bathroom, which is stained with blood. Approach the wall and insert the valve handle and turn it, which allows you to then flush the toilet. You can then grab the handgun from inside after the blood has been flushed away. You can find ammunition for the handgun in the bathroom itself, plus inside the crates upstairs in the attic. 

Resident Evil 7 demo new endings

Infected Ending

Step 1 – Grab the basement key via the usual manner from the attic.

Step 2 – Head into the new corridor via the mold-covered door and use the key on the broken gate to enter the basement. 


Step 3 – Go into the room with the hanging body bags and head to the right into the small room; a Molded will crash through the shelves on the left, but keep going around to the back room and grab the Attic Window Key from the shelves. Head back into the body bag room, making sure you take damage from the Molded on the way. This is important; you MUST get hit by the creature.

Step 4 – Exit the basement and head back upstairs into the main part of the house. Go back into the attic; along the way, you’ll see that your character has contracted some sort of mysterious skin condition. This only happens if you were attacked by the Molded, and is required to get this particular ending.

Step 5 – Attempt to climb the ladder to exit the attic via the window. A cutscene will play, unlocking the Infecte Ending. Congratulations! 

True Ending

To unlock the demo’s true ending, you must perform everything described above, but do NOT get hit by the Molded creature. Escape the basement with the Attic Window Key unscathed and head back into the attic. Once there, use the key and climb the ladder to finally escape the house, thus achieving the True Ending.