Resident Evil 7 guide – where to find all Antique Coins


Resident Evil 7: biohazard has now infected stores worldwide, and while there’s more than enough to keep you busy in the main campaign in terms of story and scares in equal measure, there’s still plenty of hidden goodies worth hoovering up. One of the game’s major collectibles this time around are Antique Coins, which are hidden throughout the environment and used to augment hero Ethan Winters with various perks, such as extra health.

While not mandatory by any means to complete the game, it’s worth grabbing them and beefing up Ethan’s attributes to give you that edge if you’re having a bit of bother fending off the tenacious Baker family. With that said, here’s our guide to sniffing out all the Resident Evil 7 Antique Coins on offer.

Please be aware that there are moderate spoilers regarding in-game locations!

Resident Evil 7 guide – find all Antique Coins

Coin 1: This is located in the Guest House on the first floor (this is the same location as seen in Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour). It’s in the locked drawer inside the kitchen near the start of the game. However, the way this coin is accessed mirrors somewhat how you would obtain the axe in the demo. You’ll need to boot up the VHS tape depicting the demise of the Sewer Gators crew (“Derelict House Footage”) and grab the lockpick situated behind Clancy’s starting position. Take this into the house and unlock the drawer using the item; it will now be unlocked in the real world, letting you grab it once the VHS segment is complete. 

Coin 2: Find this coin on top of the red lawnmower in the crawl space underneath the 1F of the Main House.

Coin 3: This coin is found in the Main Hall of the Main House on the 1F. It’s located in a drawer in the upper left-hand corner of the room, prior to the phone and sofa near the cerberus door. 

Coin 4: Grab the fourth coin in the Main House 2F Recreation Room, next to the Mr. Everywhere above the pool table and locked door in the upper right of the map. 

Coin 5: This one is something of a homage to Silent Hill 2, and can be found in the Bathroom in the Main House 2F. Ethan will have to dip his hand into an old toilet to grab the coin. 

Coin 6: Travel to the Briefing Room on the Main House 1F and obtain the coin by searching the ashtray on the table, near the locked box. 

Coin 7: Head to the Main House’s Processing Area on the Basement Floor. Once there, turn left from where you grab the map from the metal shelves, and you’ll spy a wooden palette. Crouch and look behind to the right of it to find the coin.

Coin 8: Once you exit the Baker house via the cerberus dog, you’ll find yourself in the Yard. Here, head down the small steps and onto the grass, and head right; push yourself all the way along the wall of the house on the right lower level. The coin can be found in a pot plant, so have a good nose around this area and you should be able to find it.

Coin 9: This is one of the easiest coins to find in the game. It’s located inside the Trailer in the Yard, sitting neatly in front of the cage holding the Magnum Revolver. 

Coin 10: Found in the Old House 1F, this coin is located after spying Mia after crouching through a small hole. The coin is found in the following hallway, on a trolley. 

Coin 11: The eleventh coin is located in the same room as the Crow Key, in the Old House 1F. Search the top of the toilet in the box room in the northmost outhouse.

Coin 12: Once you’ve made it to the Old House 2F, opened the Crow Door and had a few battles, you’ll find this coin in the dead end room in the top drawer.

Coin 13: The game will send you back to the main Baker house at some point, and this latest coin can be found beyond this point, in the 1F Testing Area. Specifically, it’s in the booby-trapped storage room, which you must make safe by shooting the trip wires with your handgun (don’t waste ammo with more powerful weapons!). The coin is found in the green desk drawer. 

Coin 14: The fourteenth coin is located following the boss battle against (for the sake of not spoiling things) a ‘large foe’ in the barn. You can pick up the item in the Testing Area 2F, near where you can hit a button to drop the stairs down to the lower level. It’s in the corner of a set of chest-high shelves.

Coin 15: This one’s on the Wrecked Ship 1F, after the flashback sequence. Drop into the hole and head right to the dead end, where you’ll be able to claim your prize.

Coin 16: Your next prize is found soon after Coin 15, on the Wrecked Ship once again. Once you’ve passed the corpse and dropped into the water, you can grab the coin next to the ladder on the left-hand side. 

Coin 17: We’re almost there! The Seventeenth coin is found on the 3F of the Wrecked Ship, in a large red box. Since it’s locked however, you’ll need to grab the lock pick from the 2F, near the bunk rooms. Head up the ladder inside this room and examine the box to grab the item, and then use it to unlock the red box back on the 3F. 

Coin 18: The final coin is obtained by opening the locked box on the 2F of the Wrecked Ship. You will need to open it with the corrosive melt, allowing you nab your prize from inside. 

Don’t forget…if you completed the Resident Evil 7 demo puzzle and nabbed the Dirty Coin, you will find it in the first item box you come across in the game. This acts just like any other Antique Coin, so it’s worth doing.