Resident Evil 7 listed on designer’s LinkedIn profile

Development of Resident Evil 7 has yet to be officially confirmed by Capcom, but that doesn’t mean they’re not secretly working on it.

In fact, a listing on the resume of Karen Brakenridge, a costume designer based in Los Angeles, indicates that development of the next installment in the venerable Survival Horror franchise is well underway.

The eagle-eyed chaps at NeoGAF (via VG247) spotted a listing for Resident Evil 7 on Brakenridge’s LinkedIn profile — a sure indicator that the game is on its way.

Nothing else is known at this point, but it’s worth remembering that Resident Evil 6 appeared on numerous developer resumes in the months leading up to its announcement, so we could be on to something here.

Resident Evil 7 is supposedly going to take the franchise back to its roots after Resident Evil 6 was met with a mixed reception by critics, while the more horror-focused Resident Evil: Revelations received a more positive response by fans and reviewers.

The series hasn’t really adhered to its survival horror trappings since Resident Evil 4, and even that was a rapid departure from the ‘classic’ era of static backdrops and tank controls. RE6 attempted to create a blend of action and horror, though many felt the overall result was somewhat disjointed.

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