Resident Evil 7 ‘Tape 4’ launch trailer is epic


Capcom has unleashed the official Resident Evil 7: biohazard launch trailer for your consumption to mark today’s worldwide launch of survival horror game for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

For better or for worse this is probably the most content-filled trailer we’ve seen to date, and is decidedly less ambiguous than the last few videos we’ve seen on the game, with ample time dedicated to combat, dialogue, and atmospheric shots of the mysterious Baker mansion. If you’re on a complete media blackout until you get your paws on the game, then you may want to skip this.

Check out the Resident Evil 7 trailer below

Resident Evil 7 takes place four years after the events of its action-packed predecessor, and sees newcomer Ethan Winters travelling to Dulvey, Louisiana, after receiving a mysterious call about his missing wife, Mia. However, once there, he stumbles across a sprawling plantation owned by the mysterious Baker family, who seem intent on hunting him down and subjecting him to a brutal and grisly death. 

Capcom will be supporting the bone-chilling sequel with a series of DLC drops to flesh out the existing narrative, with one expansion, Not a Hero, arriving free for Resi 7 owners this spring. Those of you who boot up the game today will be greeted with an update, which adds new Trophies and fixes a variety of bugs.  Be sure to read our Resident Evil 7 review to see what we made of Capcom’s latest horror romp. Oh, and don’t forget to unlock the Dirty Coin in the Resident Evil 7 demo if you haven’t already done so—it’ll help you out in the main game.

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