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Resident Evil Movie Reboot Reportedly Due Out In Early September 2021

With production on the Resident Evil movie reboot having wrapped up over the holiday season, the film’s official website has revealed when we can expect to see the film hit cinemas. According to the site, the zombie-horror flick will arrive on September 9.

This is a pretty big year for Resident Evil for a number of reasons. Firstly, it’s the franchise’s 25th anniversary – Biohazard came out in Japan on March 22, 1996 – for starters, but there’s also multiple projects in the works.

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We have Resident Evil Village aka Resident Evil 8, which is supposedly due for release in April, but also Resident Evil Infinite Darkness on Netflix and the live-action romp featuring Albert Wesker’s children.

No doubt Capcom will have something else up its sleeves to mark the Resident Evil 25th anniversary, but we’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully the upcoming movie reboot will deliver a solid big-screen adaptation of the series, unlike Paul Anderson’s shambolic efforts.

[Source – Twisted Voxel]