Resident Evil Revelations 3 could be in development as Capcom dives into new project


Capcom has revealed that it is beavering away on an unannounced Resident Evil project.

Speaking during a recent interview (translated by Alex Aniel, aka CVXfreak), Resident Evil 7 Director Koshi Nakanishi and Resident Evil Revelations 2 Director Yasuhiro Anpo made reference to a brand new title in the survival horror series that’s currently in development, although didn’t say anything more on the mystery title.

However, since we already know that Capcom is working on Resident Evil 8 and Resident Evil 2 Remake, there’s a good chance the unannounced game could be Resident Evil Revelations 3, especially given the success of the previous titles in the spinoff series. 

This time, I focused on making a game about fear, but one must not forget about the existing characters and stories,” Nakanishi-san said of RE7. “By creating a pillar that says ‘Resident Evil is a scary game,’ we’ve also managed to make it easier to develop/iterate on other elements of Resident Evil as well.

Also, there are many creators at Capcom, including myself, who love Resident Evil, and Anpo-san has something worthy praise that’s in development as well,” he added.

I can’t announce anything yet, but as of now, I’ve been developing a certain product,” Anpo commented. “Please look forward to it.”

The interview was actually published a few months back following confirmation that Resident Evil Revelations is being ported to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so it’s unlikely to refer to this game. If it’s not a third entry in the Revelations series, then we could be looking at a new piece of Resident Evil 7 DLC, or something fresh entirely. 

Speaking of Resi 7, Capcom is still working on the free expansion Not a Hero, and there’s a third slice of DLC still to come as part of the game’s Season Pass. Not a Hero was originally due to release in spring 2017, but has now been pushed back to an undisclosed window. 

Source: Stevivor