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Resident Evil Village On PS5 Will Support Ray Tracing And DualSense Features

The PS5 version of Capcom’s upcoming Resident Evil Village (aka Resident Evil 8) will feature ray tracing, according to an update listing on the official PlayStation website.

New Resident Evil 7 Details Drop From Official PS Site

In addition to ray tracing effects on Sony’s new console, Resident Evil Village will also include a variety of DualSense features, including adaptive triggers allowing you to ‘feel the weight and pull of weapon triggers’ and haptic feedback that ‘simulates the feeling of firing a real gun.’

The listing also confirms that Tempest 3D Audio will be featured:

Surround yourself with the carefully crafted music and sounds of survival horror in Resident Evil Village. 3D Audio enhances the experience by making you feel the hair-raising sounds coming from every direction.

Resident Evil Village is currently in development for the PS5, PC and Xbox Series X/S, although Capcom has hinted that a PS4 and Xbox One version is also in the pipeline. The game is currently slated for a release in 2021.

[Source – Official PlayStation Website via ResetEra]