Resistance 2 logo and concept art revealed

Arguably one of the biggest PlayStation 3 titles in 2008 is no other than Resistance 2, which is set to release this fall. Needless to say, the 60-player multiplayer mode and enhanced visual presentation have gamers salivating at the lips for the upcoming Insomniac title.

To wet our appetites even more, the company today revealed the official logo for the game, which can be viewed below.

Beyond the fact that the logo is fairly striking in itself, is the seemingly importance of the letter “A” featured. It appears there is a bridge that is noticeably similar to that of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco; perhaps this could be a hint as to the type of location(s) to be featured in the game.

Furthermore, there are also some new concept art displaying two of the co-op multiplayer classes, the Sniper and Medic, seen below.

Resistance 2 will be a huge hit this year exclusively for the PS3 and PSU will surely have plenty of coverage on this game as time progresses, so stay tuned for further information.