Resistance 3 info emerges

The latest issue of U.S. magazine Game Informer has unleashed the first concrete details on Insomniac Games’ hotly anticipated shooter Resistance 3.

As expected, the sequel is a continuation of the events from the previous game, with the deadly Chimera having since extended their invasion to global proportions, leaving the last remnants of humanity struggling for survival.

See below for a key list of fresh details, courtesy of the chaps at NeoGAF:

-Protagonist Joseph Capelli has started a family with Susan, the stepsister of former hero Nathan Hale.
-Malikov is alive.
-The weapon wheel is back.
-A two-player cooperative campaign will be present, with Capelli, Malikov and John Harper being the key characters. 
-Players will be able to battle in an African Prison as part of one of the game’s multiplayer maps.
-Chimeran plant life explodes when shot, which is representative of the fact the world is undergoing drastic changes.
-Enemies will boast enhanced AI, while Capelli will be able to climb over walls and through windows, etc.
-A new weapon has been confirmed called The Mutator. Its primary function is to shoot a biological mist that causes boils to appear on foes, which can then pop and harm nearby Chimera. Players can also use it to make their enemies turn against each other.
-Returning weapons include the Magnum, Shotgun, Bullseye, Auger and Carbine. They’re also upgradable the more you use them, with other weaponry such as grenades sporting a more improvised look to them.
-A vaccine exists that may be able to cure the Chimeran virus.
-Insomniac is keen to improve upon the online component and make it more organised in comparison to Resistance 2’s 60-player matches.
-Finally, surviving humans are turning to acts of cannibalism due to the lack of available food.

Resistance 3 is due out exclusively on PlayStation 3 in 2011.