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Respawn Bans Over 2,000 Players From Apex Legends, And 1,965 Of Them Were On PS4

Apex Legends is now a much safer place to play without running into hackers thanks to the over 2,000 bans Respawn handed out today to players across all platforms, but PS4 in particular seems to have the worst community for hacking with 1,965 of the bans coming from the PlayStation platform alone.

The news was tweeted out by a developer at Respawn, Conor Ford, who runs security for Apex. He listed the numbers and highlighted that a total of 2,086 players were given the sack, for abusing exploits within the ranked mode of the game.

The exploit would allow highly skilled and high ranking players to make their way into bronze lobbies, to play with newer, less skilled players. While there, they’d farm experience and ranked points much faster than they would playing at the proper levels.

Each of the bans Ford points out varies depending on the extent of the abuse, but all of these players will be missing the beginning of season 10, to say the least.

Source – [Twitter]