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Respawn’s Unannounced Single-Player Game Has Lost Its Creative Director

Mohammad Alavi, the creative director on the unannounced single-player game at Respawn, has announced his departure from the Titanfall developer.

Speaking on his LinkedIn page earlier this week, Alavi commented:

Today was my last day at Respawn Entertainment. It feels surreal.I’ve made games for 18 years ever only at two companies: Infinity Ward and Respawn. 11 of those years have been at Respawn, a company I helped form.

I’ve had the fortune of working and learning from the most talented devs and helping create franchises I’m very proud of (Titanfall and Apex Legends). Today’s bitter sweet: I’m excited about my next adventure, but I’m sad about leaving behind a family. It’s the end of an era.

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Alavi previously served as the senior designer on Titanfall and worked as narrative design director on Apex Legends. HE also worked on the Call of Duty missions No Russian and All Ghillied Up.