Retrospective: Classic Gaming Moments: #8 – Dante’s demonic rampage

We’ve all got one of those moments from our gaming past that remains forever embedded on our consciousness. It could be an epic boss battle, memorable cut-scene or eyeball-popping vista. Whatever it might be, these are defining moments that make us sit up and take note of why we love our favourite past time – and long may it continue.

In our latest celebration of Classic Gaming Moments, we head back to the days of the PlayStation 2 and revisit one of the most cinematically stylish cut-scenes we’ve clapped eyes on – Devil May Cry 3’s brilliant opening cinematic where hero Dante effortlessly dispatches a horde of demons while scoffing pizza.

– – – – – –

When Dante does something, he does it in style – and that includes eating pizza. Here, we see a younger, brasher incarnation of the demon slayer kicking back in his new shop, only to be assaulted by a legion of lesser demons; apparently an ‘invitation’ from his brother, Vergil. After being stuck numerous time with scythes, Dante casually wonders over to his karaoke machine, gives it a good punch, and then proceeds to effortlessly kill his attackers.

However, rather than simply eliminate them with well-placed headshots, our hero instead toys with them, making the art of demon slaying look like the best damn job in the world. He pummels them with his fists and feet – while still holding on to a slice of his pizza, we might add – and even uses one of them as a surfboard of sorts before gunning down his attackers. Hell, he even dispatches a few of them with a cue ball in his own, idiosyncratic game of snooker – one that involves using a bullet to propel the ball at lightning speed.

This scene is not only ostentatious in the very best of taste, but it succinctly tells you everything you need to know about this younger version of Dante. He’s cocky, ballsy, skilled and every inch the badass we remembered from the original game. Many games fall flat when it comes to introductory sequences, but DMC 3 hits the ground running.

Enjoy the sequence again in all its glory below. Also, it’s worth remembering you can now pick up DMC 3 in HD alongside the first two games via the Devil May Cry Collection for PS3 and 360.