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Return To Silent Hill Movie Coming From Director Christophe Gans, Is Based On Silent Hill 2

Konami announced during its Silent Hill Transmission today that director Christophe Gans is helming a brand new movie adaptation of the franchise, known as Return to Silent Hill.

Gans, who directed the original 2006 Silent Hill movie, will base his next film on the events of Silent Hill 2, and has promised that a number of iconic creatures such as Pyramid Head will return, albeit with updated designs.

From the sound of things Return to Silent Hill won’t be connected to his previous film (or the sequel Silent Hill Revelations, for that matter) but will instead be based in a new universe.

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The original Silent Hill movie was something of a mash-up between Silent Hill and Silent Hill 2, although primarily followed the events of the first game, albeit replacing Harry Mason with an original female lead, Rose.

However, it also featured creatures and locations from the second game, notably Pyramid Head and the Brookhaven Hospital, while the sequel was more of a straight adaptation of Silent Hill 3.