Housemarque News PS5 Returnal Returnal Cheat Codes

Returnal Cheat Codes Available With Keyboard Plugged In, Reportedly Set To Be Patched Out Though

Housemarque‘s Returnal is out now for PS5, and if you’re having problems getting through it and don’t mind cheating, there’s some cheat codes that have recently come to light.

The new comes via TheRandomizer on YouTube, who unearthed a bunch of developer cheats/codes that are functional by using a USB keyboard, presumably left in the game by accident. They also do not disable Trophies.

Houemarque confirmed however that a new Returnal update is dropping today, so the codes are likely to be removed with the update. In that case, it is recommended you turn off auto updates.

The Returnal cheat codes allow for things like spawning any weapon at your currency proficiency level and the ability to reset the stage while keeping your stuff. The full list of cheat codes can be found here.

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Returnal was released on April 30, 2021 for the PS5 and you can read our full verdict on the game here.