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Returnal Dev Looking To Offer PS5 Gamers ‘Unlimited Replay Value’

The developer behind Returnal has revealed that it’s aiming to give PS5 gamers ‘unlimited replay value’ for the upcoming title, which sees players attempting to break free of a death loop while navigating an inhospitable and brutal planet.

Speaking with Games Radar, Gregory Louden, the game’s narrative director, spoke about how this is Housemarque‘s first title with a full narrative team behind it. Unlike past games from the studio, Returnal is going to focus more on storytelling rather than simply containing elements of a narrative.

Returnal’s dark sci-fi time loop setup is so exciting narratively for us because Selene, our deep space scout repeating the crash, allows us to add lots of hidden layers narratively that are uncovered through repetition. The cyclical nature of the narrative design means the more you push forward, the more you discover Selene. What does the cycle do to someone? What is the planet’s history? Why are things beyond Selene’s comprehension appearing here?

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Meanwhile, game director Harry Krueger added:

In all our games, we’ve always adhered to our core arcade philosophy, which is the relentless pursuit to create unlimited replay value. Returnal is no exception in that regard, and our central pillar for the vision has also been to ‘design for replayability’. Everything we put in the game goes through the same scrutiny: how will this survive repetition? Anything that is only fun once should only be experienced once.

Returnal is scheduled for release on March 19 for PS5.

[Source – Games Radar]