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Returnal Error CE-100028-1 For PS5 – Why It Appears And How To Fix It


Since Housemarque released the latest Returnal update players have been encountering Error CE-100028-1 for PS5 which appears every time you pick up an item or kill something. Here is why it is appearing and how to fix it.

Returnal Error CE-10028-1 For PS5

Returnal Error CE-100028-1 has begun to appear since update 1.003.003 launched. This new update and this error code is reportedly causing new crashing issues and even corrupting some save data.

However, Housemarque has pulled this patch, but if you have installed it already then you should wait until the next patch drops for the game-fixing this crashing and corruption error to ensure that your save data isn’t lost.

Hopefully, this next patch comes sooner rather than later as the possibility of save data corruption will keep many people from playing. Once we have an update on this story we will be sure to let you know.

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Returnal is available now on PS5.