Ridge Racer Type-4 making a PSN pit stop in March

Classic car fest Ridge Racer Type-4 is reeving up for a digital re-release on PlayStation Network next month, Namco Bandai’s confirmed.

No price or exact release date was given though expect Namco to drop all the relevant details in the coming weeks.

Originally launched back in 1999 for Sony’s grey box of tricks, Type-4 packs in arcade drift racing, a meaty 48 motors, eight tracks and what Namco describes as a “legendary soundtrack.” We’d have to agree with that last sentiment.

The game marked the series’ final PSone outing before Namco shifted up a gear with Ridge Racer V following the release of PlayStation 2 in 2000. The latest entry in the series, which carries the subtitle Unbounded, got a formal reveal earlier this month.

So fellow PSU readers, are you looking forward to reliving those retro-filled races? Let us know in the comments section below.