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Rise Of The Ronin Director Wants Team Ninja’s Next Title To ‘Achieve Things We Weren’t Able To This Time’

Speaking during an interview with VGC, Rise of the Ronin director Fumihiko Yasuda has revealed that he wants developer Team NINJA‘s next project to achieve things that weren’t possible this time around.

Yasuda-san was joined by producer Yosuke Hayashi in the interview, who noted that Rise of the Ronin, which is the first open-world game from Team NINJA, was made in order to shift direction from what the studio is usually known for.

Until now, we’ve been creating games based on Ninjas and Samurais. We wanted to create a game that has a sense of freedom as well as a rich story. For this title, we decided on the concept of Ronin. We wanted players to become a Ronin, explore an open world and be able to affect the story. Of course, we have established a foundation with our action combat systems.

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Rise of the Ronin was a big challenge for us, because it’s something we hadn’t done up until now in terms of the level of freedom and the story while retaining the action gameplay. I believe we were able to realise the concept, and I’m hoping that as players get their hands on the game, they’ll be able to experience it as we originally envisioned it.

I think going forward, our challenge is to build from that and perhaps achieve things we weren’t able to do this time, and continue to build from there.

Rise of the Ronin was released on March 22, 2024 for PS5, and you can read our full review here.

[Source – VGC]