News PS5 Rise Of The Ronin Rise of the Ronin Update 1.05 Team NINAJ

Rise Of The Ronin Update 1.05 Patch Notes Revealed For New Difficulty Level, Weapon Adjustments & Bug Fixes

Team NINJA has unsheathed a new update for Rise of the Ronin on PS5, which implements a number of new features including the Midnight difficulty level, plus a range of bug fixes and weapon adjustments. You can read full details in the Rise of the Ronin update 1.05 patch notes below.

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New Content

  • “Midnight” difficulty: Added new Ally Missions.
  • Team up and improve local security in Unruly Areas: “Thugs: Honmachi”, “Thugs: Honjo”, and “Thugs: Honnoji”.
  • “Path of Chaos”: Each playthrough will have different enemies.
  • “Eternal Night”: The most difficult mission thus far.
  • Added new set bonuses “Ferocious Tiger” and “Prodigious Dragon”. Masterwork armor and accessories will now have a chance to drop with these new Set Bonuses separately from other set bonuses.
  • “Prodigious Dragon” set bonuses:
    • Last Ditch Counterspark
    • Enemy Max. Ki (Grapple Attack)
    • Neutral Combat
    • Upgraded Counterspark
  • “Ferocious Tiger” set bonuses:
    • Blade Flash Attack
    • Upgraded Forward Dodge
    • Attack ↑ (Martial Skill Swap)
    • Ki Regeneration (Blade Flash)
  • Added new training opponents, such as your Blade Twin, and bosses that were only available in bond missions.
  • Added new glider appearances that can be obtained from Formidable Foes of the Foreigner faction: “Glorious Crimson”, “Elegant Brown”, and “Imperial Blue”.

New Features

  • Added feature to manually reset Unruly Areas based on completion rate of a chapter on “Midnight” difficulty.
  • Added system where you can level sync missions that you have completed on “Midnight” difficulty.
  • When equipping the same 2 main weapon types (e.g., 2 Katanas), you can now equip different styles for each weapon individually.
  • Can now register “Jizo Statuette” for item preset loadouts.
  • Number of times Martial Skills hit is now added to technical points in Training.
  • Now shows difficulty in the results screen of Training, as the higher the difficulty, the higher the possible score will be.
  • Added filtering for Training.
  • Progressing cat collecting will now place cats that can be pet around Usugumo Dayu in Yokohama, Edo, and Kyoto.

Weapon Adjustments

  • Adjusted so Violent Gale and Flash attack is easier to do after certain martial skills.
  • Katana: Yagyu Shinkage-ryu – Follow-up attack after counterspark is now easier to land.
  • Katana: Nioh-ryu – Adjusted so you are less likely to accidentally trigger “Nioh-den Iai Quickdraw” when performing Veiled Arts after Blade Flashing.
  • Katana: Nioh-ryu – “Nioh-Den: Iai Quickdraw” consumes less Ki, and overall increase in damage and Ki damage.
  • Katana: Aisu Kage-ryu – “Crimson Light” consumes less Ki, and at max blood gauge, damage and Ki damage is increased.
  • Saber: British Training – Reduced Ki consumption of throwing knife, and increased damage.
  • Bayonet: Mumyo-ryu – “Bone Shatter” now easier to follow up with critical hits on enemies with depleted Ki.
  • Bayonet: French Training – Follow-up shot after counterspark is now easier to hit.
  • Oxtail Blade: Mumyo Kaishin-ryu – “Midnight Banquet” now easier to follow up with critical hit on enemies with depleted Ki.
  • Great Sword: Mumyo Kaishin-ryu – “Midnight Mist” is now easier to hit.
  • Unarmed: Mumyo-ryu – “Raging Wolf” is now easier to hit.

Character Adjustments

  • Adjusted player knockback distance on successfully countersparking enemy attacks.
  • Now possible to switch styles when: Guarding enemy attacks, during some animations of being hit by enemy attacks, and during Flash Attack.
  • Calling your horse while sprinting will continue the sprint after mounting the horse.
  • Adjusted and improved stats of unique attacks of Ally characters across the board.
  • Adjusted so that you will no longer switch lock on targets when controlling the right stick with the combat style UI showing, during Critical Hits.

Enemy Adjustments

  • Shortened flaming area that certain bosses create.
  • Adjusted and nerfed Bayonet bullet damage and stats of certain enemies.

Other Adjustments

  • Increased chance of obtaining Masterwork equipment from formidable foes.
  • A portion of main weapon and sub weapons can now have set bonuses.
  • Adjusted so that equipment that specific equipment that had limited ways of obtaining to now drop from enemies as well.
  • Can now overwrite set bonuses when bond transferring on Masterwork equipment.
  • When selecting equipment for bond transferring, equipment that cannot be selected is now filtered to not show.
  • Items that heal status ailment is now affected by Skill “Bolster Duration ↑” and Technology Development “Inventory ↑”.
  • Can now obtain the unique accessories by triggering the Veiled Vow dialogue event, and no longer need to commit to the Veiled Vow.
  • Dialogue lines played after breaking a Veiled Vow now resets after certain conditions.
  • “Fertilizer” purchased from Robert Fortune is now cheaper.
  • Increased the types of material you can purchase from Robert Fortune and Alexandria Moreau.
  • Increased “Red Nuts” gain when gardening.
  • Can now change the time in the Redesign menu.
  • “Midnight” difficulty, Edo: Location hubs – Yoshinobu Tokugawa, Taka Murayama, and Hachiro Kiyokawa will now appear in their hubs.
  • Shintaro Nakaoka will now appear at Choshu Clan Estate in Kyoto when using the Testaments of the Soul.
  • Adjusted to increase chance of encountering other player’s ronin avatars at towns or roads.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where you could bond transfer despite lacking materials or money through an unconventional method.
  • Fixed bug where you could not purchase Coal from blacksmiths.
  • Fixed bug where “Blade Twin’s Kimono” and “Modernizing Vassal’s Kimono – Belt” were not shown as selectable pieces.
  • Fixed bug where each equipment sometimes were shown in different colors each.
  • Fixed bug where “Current Equipment” showed default appearance under certain conditions.
  • Fixed bug where saving and loading before arriving at Kannai disabled Chance Encounters until arriving at Kannai.
  • Fixed bug where Veiled Arts set for other styles would have different stats compared to the original.
  • Fixed bug where some Martial Skills would ignore guard.
  • Fixed bug where you would be forced into swimming when performing certain Martial Skills nearby water.
  • Fixed bug where while using Martial Skill “Blossom Blizzard”, if you take damage from certain enemy skills will make you unable to dodge out of it.
  • Fixed bug where in Nioh-ryu, switching to middle stance would sometimes switch to high stance.
  • Fixed bug where after drop down assassinations, performing certain martial skills would cause you to take fall damage.
  • Fixed bug where Ki Blaze effect would vibrate excessively.
  • Fixed bug where when using Ally Alexandria Moreau, her grapple throws were not matching the indicator.
  • Other minor fixes.