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River City Girls 2 Revealed For PS4, PS5 Release In 2022, Supports Online Co-op

river city girls 2 ps4 ps5 release

Fans of River City Girls will have much to celebrate as River City Girls 2 will see a PS4 and PS5 release sometime in 2022. In addition to a physical release, River City Girls 2 also supports online co-op, in addition to local co-op as well.

Though little in the way of media has been released for the game, you can catch the synopsis and the lone image for River City Girls 2 below:

Picking up shortly after the original, River City Girls 2 once again put players in control of Misako and Kyoko—as well as Kunio, Riki, and other characters—as they set out on an all-new beat-’em-up adventure across the mean streets of River City. New moves, new enemies, new recruits, new environments, and the return of an old foe await, along with the same over-the-top sense of humor and adrenaline-pumping combat of its predecessor. The game will also feature two-player co-op action both locally and online.

river city girls ps5 ps4

Source: WayForward, Arc Systems Works