Rocket League PS1 makeover looks retro cool with low specs

rocket league ps1

Rocket League PS1 look is awesome

We’re huge fans of Rocket League, but we’ve only just stumbled on this video which was produced back in 2015.

It’s so good we thought we resurrect it for you to enjoy as it shows what the soccer/vehicle game would look like if it was on the PS1.

LowSpecGamer has basically lowered the specs getting rid of all those shiny textures to bring Rocket League right back to basics. 

Here’s how he did it:

You could actually do this yourself -on the PC version – but Psyonix has now released a patch which prevents users from following the method in the video above. 

Recently, developer Psyonix confirmed that a Rocket League 2 release is not on the cards, but support for the original game will continue for some time.  Currently, Rocket League Season 5 is underway with players attempting to rise up the ranks to gain kudos and rewards at the end of the season.

Source: Kotaku